Interior lighting

Shed light on what really matters! Create a feeling of space and volume, illuminate the edges of your cabin with LED tapes, profiles, or mini- or midi-sleeves – small energy-efficient diodes in adjustable lengths. With plenty of small light sources and dimmers, you can achieve a unique light that can be varied, according to the atmosphere, hour, and what you’re up to.

Ceiling Lighting
Use a mix of wide-angle broad light in narrow spaces and spotlights. As the spots shine light onto the wooden salon table, it will reflect its warm tones back onto the ceiling.  

Reading Lighting
Reading and cabin lights are perfect to complement indirect and general illumination. Place dimmable reading lights as decorative lights or use the built-in USB chargers to charge your phone in your cabin.

Indirect Lighting
Using tapes for indirect lights gives amazing possibilities in designing the atmosphere onboard.

Effect Lighting
Courtesy lights add a personal touch to your boat and make an impressive and exciting impact, to a relatively small effort.

Functional Lighting
When bright light is paramount to illuminate a working space, these functional lights give you the necessary brightness in engine rooms, cupboards, galleys, or other dark corners.

Light Sources
Replace your existing halogen light sources with new LEDs to save power

How to illuminate different spaces

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