Exterior lighting

Deck safety is significantly enhanced by light at night. This can be done by floodlight from above or by means of many small dots that smartly light up the deck, a staircase, a companionway or other obstacles. Keeping safe on deck is important and looks stylish at the same time!

Deck lighting

Place a strong power-efficient LED flood light in your mast or on your aft pole in order to give strong working light on the deck. It’s so power-efficient it can even be left on at anchor to look cool and to avoid burglars!  

Dot & effect lighting

Placed close to the deck, a companionway, or under stairs to solely light up where you place your feet. Increases safety and looks very stylish and smart! Available in various colors.

Functional lighting

Watertight lights to be placed in deck lockers and other outdoor places in a harsh environment. Can also be placed under a bimini or a boom to light up the cockpit.  

Underwater lighting

Light up the surrounding water to give that extra feeling of luxury. Install them directly onto the hull or detachable onto the stern ladder. 

How to illuminate different spaces

Read or quick guide on how to illuminate different rooms and spaces in your boat!

Get inspired by others!

Take a look at our customer references. See how others have chosen to work with light both indoors, outdoors and underwater!

Client lighting references

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