A bowsprit not only enhances the looks and quality of your boat. It also helps you achieve a better boating experience. Use the winds' full potential with a gennaker or Code-0 sail, get ashore on every possible and impossible place, and get easily onboard.


Bowsprits for most motorboats. Can be combined with our own ladders and pulpits.


Our premium bowsprits for sailboats. Designed for intense code and gennaker sailing.


Bowsprits for both motor and sailboats with welded ladders for maximum stability and accessibility.


Bowsprits for motor and sailboats. Is simpler in it´s construction and appearance compared to Power and Performance.


Bowsprits for traditional motor sailors with a focus on the "jump ashore" function. Gennaker sailing is also possible.


Bowsprits designed for sailboats with performance in focus (without bow anchors. Suitable for code and gennaker sailing.

*(P) Powerboat, (S) Sailingboat, (MS) Motorsailer.

Picking the right bowsprit

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Get inspired!

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Bowsprits for sailing yachts

Bowsprits for Powerboats

Our Code-0 Bowsprits

Read our guide and explore our bowsprits designed for code-0 sailing!

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