Tarpaulin chafe protection tape 200 x 200 mm

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Manufacturer SKU: WLD51211
EAN: 7332435512111

A reinforcement tape that extends life in the tarpaulin. The tarpaulin breaks downdue tochafe andscratches from corners and sharp objects.Place a self-adhesive tape patch where you think it might chafet he tarpaulin.

  • Reinforce the tarpaulinto prolong the lifespan
  • Self-adhesive-easy toapply
  • Repair old damagein your tarp
  • UV protected, strong and designedto lastoutdoor
  • Be preventive and environmentally friendly
A reinforcement patch for tarpaulins.Tarpaulinswill beexposed to weather and wind. Theyare pulled and torn all the time,allaround the clock. The wear/ chafewill beheavy / potenteven for the smallest chafing. A tarpaulin is cheap and can be easily replaced, but a brokentarpaulin can cause large and expensive damage. What the tarpaulin protects can bedestroyed and the tarpaulin itself can cause damage when it flutters in the wind and caneven fly away. It can also be quite cold and unpleasant to replace a broken tarpaulin in themiddle of winter. Preventing wear and tear is easy with the help of a reinforcement patch.Atough, abrasion resistant backing will do some of the work.Of course, there is no guaranteethat the tarpaulin will not break even with a patch, but the chance increases for a trouble-free time. The tape can also be used to repair already damaged tarpaulins. With its size of200x 200mm(8”x 8”)it covers a large area. It is important to cover a larger area toreinforce an injury.The reinforcement patch can also be used to repair an already brokentarpaulin. A small hole, rips or tear can be the beginning of a large damage. Always check thetarp before use (+ sometimes during seasonal use) to make sure it hasn’t any signs ofbreaking. Common sense dictates that larger repairs require quite a bit more care orreplacement of the tarp. The tape has strong adhesion, stretch resistance (not easy tobreak), waterproof, wear-resistant, suitable for all kinds of tarpaulin repair.
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Model nameWLD51211
BrandWaterline Design
Length200 mm
Width200 mm
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