Mosquito net for portlights - small #1430 (2-pack)

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Waterline Designs mosquito nets are easy to install from the inside of the boat with a magnet and foldable frame. For small portlights. Sold in 2-pack.

Waterline Designs mosquito nets / bug screens are designed out of a long experience from the country of mosquitoes, Sweden. In Sweden we have a range from small gnats (as the No-see-ums) up to regular sized mosquitoes. We don’t have any deceases such as Dengue fever or Zika but we all hate them anyway. The sound of a single mosquito in the cabin at bed time can easily ruin your sleep. To mount the screens is simple and everything is done from inside the boat even if the screen will be outside of the portlight. Open the portlight to 50%, pull out the screen so it comes on the outside. Adjust the screen so it covers all the opening of the portlight. Attach a magnet(a metal plate is attached with double-sided tape) to the portlight and adjust the portlight window so you get some tension in the screen. Done in a few seconds. After use the mosquito net can easily be folded down to a 1/3 of its size for storage. The screens only need to be bigger than the portlight opening. A portlight with opening <180 x 430 mm (7½”x17”) needs a screen 230 x 490 mm (10” x 19”). Since the screen is bigger than the hatch it’s also fits different shapes (square, elliptical, rectangular and round). Two sizes cover almost all standard portlights and brands. It’s easy to pick the right size. Imagine the perfect evening without mosquitoes. 

  • Pop up = 5 seconds mounting
  • Suitable for hatches with interior dimensions up to 300 x 300 mm (12″ x 12″)
  • Fast mounting with magnet
  • Easy to store, folds to 1/3 of the size
  • Fits all brands of hatches
  • Mounts from the inside
  • Also works on flushed hatches
  • Thin, builds less than 3 mm
  • Ventilates the boat
  • Keeps out mosquitoes, sand flies, No-See-Ums, gnats, wasps etc.
More Information
Model name1430
BrandWaterline Design

How to use

  1. Open the portlight.
  2. Mount the suction cup or magnet according to instructions on the mosquito net.
  3. Press the suction or the magnet (magnet and metal plate) to the window. Make sure the suction cup and window are clean for the best result.
  4. The net will be on the outside of the portlight.
  5. Tighten up the blind against the wall/portlight.
  6. Use the security line and attach it to the knob on the portlight.

To remove the net, don't pull in the net. First, remove the suction cup or magnet with a finger.

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