Magnet Kit for setup of mosquito nets and blinds #9025

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Manufacturer SKU: 9025
Mount blinds and mosquito nets easily with a magnet instead of suction cups. Comes with a small metal plate and double sided tape, easy to remove without damage. Heavy neodym magnet, 100% covered to prevent rust, a convenient alternative to suction cups.

A magnet to mount blinds and mosquito net to hatches. This is an optional mount for people that doesn't belive in suctions cups. Comes with a small metal plate with double sided tape from 3M. Just tape the metal plate to the hatch or portlight to get the magnet to fasten. The metal plate is easy to remove and doesn't damage the hatch. The magnet is 100% covered to prevent it from rust. 
  • Heavy Neodym magnet 4 kg (8,8 Lbs)
  • 100% covered magnet
  • Option to suction cup
Power - 4 kg (8,8 Lbs)

Size - ø 22 MM (1") x 17 MM (3/4")

Material - Covered neodym magnet

Color - Blue

Weight - 10 gram (0,35 oz)

Art nr - #9025

More Information
Model name9025
BrandWaterline Design
Length1670 mm

How to use

  1. Remove the paper from the double-sided tape on the metal plate ø30 mm (1 1/4").
  2. Press against the window/hatch.
  3. Mount the magnet according to instruction.
  4. The magnet is now ready to use.

To remove the metal plate, you take a small screwdriver. The tape is smaller compared to the metal plate get the tip of a screw drive in under the metal plate. Firmly twist the screwdriver. Any tape residue removes by rubbing your thump. The tape will be easier to remove if you add some heat, not too much since can will damage the window/hatch. Don't try to cut the tape since there is a great risk that you will scratch the window/hatch.

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