Blackout shades / blinds for portlights - small (2-pack)

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Dark boat blinds with ventilation and mosquito net to ensure a good sleep. Easy to mount with magnets, foldable and reusable.

Waterline Designs blinds with ventilation are designed with the function to make it dark inside boats for a good night sleep and also ventilates the boat without letting in mosquitoes or other bugs. We believe that you need to have dark inside the boat to have a good sleep. Often, it’s dark when you go to bed, but the sunrise can be very early and wake you up. It’s easy to fall asleep on a boat and have pleasant dreams but you should be in charge of when you wake up. We have designed our blinds with ventilation as a three-layer product. Two layer of blackout material that are overlapped of each other by a few centimeter to still let air in and one-layer of dense mosquito net for keeping bugs out. The blinds work both on open and closed portlights. They mounts from the inside of the boat, so no one has to go outside even if the blind will be outside of the portlight when the portlight is open. Just attach a magnet (a metal plate is attached with double-sided tape on the window) on the portlight. The blind has a chromed steel frame (foldable) that stretches it out. The screen is tightened against the frame of the portlight by a cord attached to the magnet. Done in a few seconds. After use the blind net can easily be folded down to a 1/3 of its size for storage. The blind only need to be bigger than the portlight opening. A portlight with opening <7½”x17” (180 x 430 mm) needs a screen 10” x 19” (230 x 490 mm). Since the screen is bigger than the hatch it’s also fits different shapes (square, elliptical, rectangular and round). Two sizes cover almost all standard portlights and brands. It’s easy to pick the right size. Blinds with ventilation for best sleep, good ventilation and mosquito free. You are worth a good sleep. 

• Works with open and closed portlight
• 100% blackout
• Suitable for portlights with interior dimensions up to 180 x 430 mm  (7″ x 17″)
• Pop-up function for easy assembly
• No permanent installation
• After use it folds it into a third of its size
• Suitable for most portlights/brands on the market
More Information
Model name1330
BrandWaterline Design

How to use

Open portlight (lets in air and make the boat dark)

  1. Open the portlight.
  2. Mount the suction cup or magnet according to instructions on the blind.
  3. Press the suction or the magnet (magnet and metal plate) to the window. Make sure the suction cup and window are clean for the best result.
  4. The blind will be on the outside of the portlight.
  5. Tighten up the blind against the wall/portlight.
  6. Use the security line and attach it to the knob on the portlight.


Closed portlight

  1. Keep the hatch portlight.
  2. Mount the suction cup or magnet according to instructions on the blind.
  3. Press the suction or the magnet (magnet and metal plate) to the hatch. Make sure the suction cup is clean for the best result.
  4. If you have a deep portlight you need to use a cord to prolong the suction cup/magnet.
    To remove the net, don't pull in the blind. First, remove the suction cup or magnet with a finger.
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