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Extends the life of ropes, tamps and removes sound from cleats. Made out of UV-resistant sturdy polyurethane to endure the harshest marine environments. Easy mounted/wrapped and no additional attachment necessary. A special technique enables the cover to automatically wrap around ropes and tamps, which provides a perfect fit. It also reduces "squeaking" from the mooring cleat and protects the boat's gelcoat against wear. ? For rope ø 16-25 mm (¾"-1"). ? Protects tamps and ropes ? Removes noise ? Easy to apply and remove ? UV-resistant
Size - For rope ø 16-25 mm (¾"-1") x 600 mm (24") Material - Polyurethane Color - Orange Brand - Spiroll Read more - FAQ Art nr - #1123
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Spiroll line protection for tamps, mooring ropes and lines. Sometimes an extra protection is needed for the mooring lines that protect against chafing. There are concrete and wooden docks / jetty, mooring on to land / islands (trees, stones, rocks, etc.), sharp details on the boat. Boats are always in motion, moving with waves and wind. There are great forces that strain the lines. High load to the lines which then moves back and forth, wear out the mooring lines. To have a safe mooring makes you sleep much better. There are several of testimonies there the mooring lines have broken from chafe during a few hours. "It sounds like a gun shot when a mooring rope breaks". A chafed mooring line can also tell you how the boat owner handles the rest of the boat. And It is easy to protect the mooring ropes. There are several methods. Waterline Design offers a safe and good solution from Spiroll (made in USA). Good chafe protection should also reduce the noise that sometimes occurs in the mooring cleats. A crackling sound that reproduces in the boat, often destroying a good the night's sleep. Many people put t-shirts around the mooring lines or pour dish detergent on the lines. It usually works for a few minutes then it is the same annoying sound again. The sound is caused by polyester, all new modern mooring lines have polyester, both expensive and cheap.
Spiroll line protection
The Spiroll is designed to be self-rolling. You just roll on the Spiroll to the rope or mooring lines, where needed and when needed. The Spiroll chafe protection is made of polyurethane, which is an industrial rubber. The polyurethane has extremely good values ??to resist chafing. Spiroll doesn?t not leave any strike marks since it?s made out of solid colour material. Spiroll does also reduce noise from the mooring cleats.
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How to use

  1. Roll the Spiroll around the rope.
  2. Make a small twist to make sure it is sitting tight.
  3. Don't cut the Spiroll into two pieces. The Spiroll needs its full length to sit tight.
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