Navisafe makes it easy to use the right light, at the right time!

Navisafe is a lighting company that has been helping boat owners with the right light since 2005. Its properties in the form that the lights is portable and powered by batteries makes them perfect for the smaller vessels, such as the dinghy or kayak.

When driving any type of boat from sunset to sunrise or when visiblity is poor, you need to ensure that you show the correct lights, regardless if you are at anchor or at speed according to local authorities and/or international law. Following these rules is not just a way to comply the legislation but to ensure that your own, as well as the safety of others. Whether you are paddling, rowing, sailing or go by boat by a lake, river or off the beach, you need to make sure you are visible. Navisafe makes this more than easy for you and offers a range of smart portable battery-driven navigation lights for vessels up to 50 feet/15 m.

Navimount base

Specially designed fitting that locks in a smart, secure way. Several of the variant can also be inserted in GoPro-fitting and various action camera mounts.

RailBlaza StarPorts

Lanterns compatible with RailBlaza StarPort mounting system. The base of these Navilights in the shape of a star will fit directly in many anchor or other winches as well as specially designed fittings. 

Scotty base

Base adapted to fit in patented Scotty-fittings that are often used when fishing. As well as rod holders, deep rigs and sonar... And of course, lanterns from Navisafe!

Magnetic base

Smart, portable Navigation lights with magnetic base for easy removal and installation. For example, attach the head of the fitting to your cap or hat to keep both of your hands free and increase visibility for you and the passengers in the kayak or dinghy. 

Waterproof Navilights

Here we collect other smart products from Navisafe such as waterproof flashlights that makes it easier when the darkess fall at sea. 

Complete package - Get the right light in the right situation. 

Complete solution of Navigation lights for different purposes, all of which meet COLREG 72. Ready-made packages assembled by the experts to facilitate products selection and get the right light in the right situation. 

Flexible and secure suction based fittings that easily can be move from location to boat.

Navisafe lanterns with suction base can be mounted securely on all smooth and flat surfaces. The quick-connect suction cup is released with just at push of the lever on the fitting for quick disconnection or for mounting in another location or boat. In addition, the suction cup can be used to hold a GoPro® camera when no light is needed.

Products from Navisafe

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