Comfort on board

Smart, practical and simple products that makes you boating life much easier and more comfortable. Avoid waking up at sunrise, see our blackout shades. Do you also wish that the mosquitos would mind their own business, put up one of our nets and at the same time enjoy having the hatches open. It is only the imagination that possibly puts bounderies on how the comfort is at your boat!

Mosquito nets & Bug screens

Our mosquito nets, that is mounted from the inside with either magnets or suction cups. Keep your hatches open and ventilate the boat and at the same time, be free from those mosquitoes. 

Heat insulation & Blackout shades

It is nice to be able to choose when to wake up! With our blackout shades you will sleep both better and cooler and does not have to get up at sunrise. 

Smart & Practical

Smart and practical boat accessories. For example, our mesh bag that cools the beverages, scrubs the potatoes and make our rope cleaner. A smart products offers multiple solutions! 

Accessories & Spare parts

Accessories to smart and practical products. Find spare parts, such as sucton cups, magnets, key rings etc. It is the little things that makes the boating life easier.

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