Creating a pleasant light onboard gives a welcoming and homey atmosphere. The boat feels wider, more spacious, and roomier if dimmable indirect lighting defines the edges of the cabin. Dark areas are lit up, space, warmth and well-being is enhanced. Spotlights illuminate what really matters. Adding courtesy lights create special effects on deck, under deck or under water and is a great way to create a pleasant atmosphere onboard.  

Navigation lights, including the innovative battery driven NaviSafe lights, allow for safe passages during dark hours. 

Interior Lighting

LED-technology has revolutionized power consumption and high-end light sources give the necessary quality in colour rendering, light temperature and light intensity. Trust Båtsystem for your best lighting experience. Only the best LED’s are good enough for us, giving you this special pleasant light onboard. Downlights from the ceiling, Reading lights mounted on the walls and LED-Tapes and Sleeves hidden into grooves or behind skirtings give the desired effects. Båtsystem LEDs give amazing possibilities in designing atmosphere onboard. 

Use special bright functional LED lighting in areas that need to be lit up to a maximum, such as cockpit and deck-lockers or your entire deck. Add a personal touch to your boat, using dots on stair cases or along the deck. Install fancy underwater light to illuminate the surrounding water to create ambience and spectacular impressions around the boat, or the jetty. Make an impressive and exciting impact, to a relative small effort.

Navigation Lights

NaviSafe battery driven navigation lights have prolonged the usage for smaller water crafts into twilight and night hours. Ideal for paddle boards, SUPs, waterjets, rowing boats and power driven or sailing dinghies. Or cary a NaviSafe as spare backup navlight for your vessel, quickly fitted onto your pull- or pushpit. Navisafe lights are approved for vessels up to 40 feet in length, are safe, floating and completely watertight. Choose between suction or magnetic mounting or the rigid GoPro-compatible Navimount base. If you already are using a mounting system from Railblaza or Scotty, we have mounting bases for these as well! 

If you prefer using your house battery for fixed navigation light installation, we have also approved navlights for fixed installation, specialising in small designs for small boats and dinghies with domestic power.    

With the full range of standard and special lighting comes a complete series of switches, sockets and dimmers – all manufactured to work perfectly together. At Båtsystem, we are strong believers in dimmers, just as naturally as we would never buy a stereo system without a volume control. Dimmers enable you to set your lighting to create ambience on board. And for retrofit, we even have remotely controlled dimmer units facilitating installation in existing systems.

Headlamps & Flashlights

When working onboard, a mobile light source can become your best friend, not only at night. Use a headlamp when working freely with both hands or place our specially designed waterproof Navisafe flashlight between your teeth when freeing up both hands for that special work you need to do. For night navigation, the red built in LED comes in handy.

Light Sources

Benefit from our high quality power efficient LED technology that gives beautiful light with high colour rendering (CRI) and beautifully warm-white light. Exchanging your light-source is the most simple and cost efficient way to gain from our high quality LED light. You simply replace the original halogen light bulb or inferior LED light source with a high quality replacement LED from Båtsystem. 

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