Deck Equipment

Sturdy, flexible and reliable davit facilitates the stowage of your dinghy without blocking your emergency exit through the foredeck hatch. A crane lifts your shopping or your outboard engine onboard. A practical deck pole keeps your radar, your wind generator or your PV solar panel out of the way and yet easily reachable. It doubles up as a crane for the outboard engine, if desired. Grab rails and sturdy stanchions for lifelines keep you safely onboard.

Davits & Cranes

Sturdy, flexible and reliable davits. Easy to mount and dismount. The dinghy moves both vertically and horizontally, which optimises the centre of gravity and keeps the dinghy off the boat.

Add a crane for easy lifting onboard heavy equipment, such as your outboard.

Flexible pole system to mount equipment above aft deck level e.g. radars, wind generators, solar panels and antennas. Available with integrated crane for lifting onboard heavy equipment, such as your outboard. 

Sturdy stanchions for your life lines and strong pulpits are essential safety equipment. Find your spare stanchion here, since many boatbuilders have Båtsystem stanchions as their standard. 

Grab Rails

Handrails and grab rails form a very important part when moving around on deck in harsh weather or when climbing a ladder. A good grab rail is of utmost importance and too often forgotten.  

Steering Wheels

Båtsystem supplies steering wheels for powerboats and fishing boats, with or without leather cover and/or knob for easier and more comfortable control. 

Tubes, Clamps & Cleats

Build your own system using our flexible tubes, clamps and cleats and your ideas to form almost any tube construction. 

Spreader Cover

Spreader cover and leather protection increases the  life span of your sails. Easy to install with velcro and protects both fore- and mail sail. Fits all brands of rigs.

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