A better boat experience begins with getting onboard in safety and comfort. Ladders, gangways, lifting devices, bow and stern platforms are all examples for the easy way on board. However, it doesn’t end there! Many products feature a second task as well. For example, bowsprits do not only provide a sturdy platform and the place to fit your built-in telescopic or hanged on ladder. At the same time, it acts as the perfect place to stow your bow anchor or to attach your gennaker or your Code-0 sail.


Our vast choice of ladders makes boarding easy. Be it from dock, from an island, from the dinghy or from the water. Enter the boat from the bow, from the side or from the stern. There are ladders for every need: fixed safety ladders, ladders for divers, ladders with built in handles, hanged on ladders, telescopic ladders or cassette ladders that disappear into the hull or under a platform. 


Boarding from the bow gets so much easier when stepping onto a bowsprit. A bowsprit serves many tasks:  it’s a safe stepping stone from shore, can host a telescopic ladder and stow your anchor away from foredeck, always ready to go. Sailing boats can attach a gennaker to the bowsprit and for serious Code-0 sailing, a fixed bowsprit is the only way to gain the maximum from your sail and the wind.

Stern Platforms

Increase the size of your boat by attaching a stern platform. The ideal place to enjoy the proximity of the sea! It facilitates easy boarding from astern, be it from ashore or your dinghy. Obviously, a stern platform forms the ideal swimming platform. But it’s so much more important than for swimming alone! Safety-wise, a stern platform is crucial in a MOB situation: it can host your fixed safety ladder readily reachable form the water. Your way out from the water gets a natural resting stop on your way up to deck level. And, most importantly, in case of hypothermia or exhaustion, the remaining crew can stand close to the water helping you to re-board your vessel or even lift you out of the water in case of emergency.  


Boarding from the bow or stern gets so much easier with a foldable gangway! Use it when mooring to a high quay or you wish to moor with some distance from shore, e.g. in swell. For dog-owners a gangway is a must!

Footsteps & Grab rails

When designing your boarding system, handrails are often forgotten! Climbing onboard gets only so easy when adequate handrails are within reach.  When moving around on deck, handrails also increase safety onboard and keeps you from falling overboard or hurting yourself. Smart footsteps can be placed anywhere on the boat where the hight of steps should be kept to a comfortable distance. Install them on your transom to allow for easy and safe climbing up from and down to your stern platform.   

Add smart features to your boarding equipment, such as pulpits, anchor rollers, or some extra deck hooks for your removable side ladder can be used on deck both sides.  Here, you also find spare parts should you need any for your older equipment. 

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