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NOA’s frame system is based on modular thinking. You should be able to change your covering frame as your needs change, for instance, when you buy a new boat. The combinations are endless. Below you will find a couple of examples, but ultimately, it’s only your imagination which sets the limit.

Deck legs
Is your boat longer than the last one? Complement your frame with an extra pair of telescopic deck legs. Choose between plastic feet or a fitting for the NOA fitting. Also complement the top horizontal tube and lock.

Complement an A-frame to Outlaying frame
An A-frame can easily be converted to an outlaying frame provided that the boat has a guard rail.

Complement a Deck frame to Outlaying frame
A deck frame can be converted to an outlaying frame to ensure even better ventilation - however, the boat must be equiped with a guard rail.

Complement A-frame
If your new boat has a pulpit, you can easily complement your A-frame with an extra pair of deck-legs (artnr: 10312-10313) and a NOA-fitting (artnr: 10802) to ensure a stable fit without harming the pulpit.

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