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Mr Mooring tamp holder provides safe and easy mooring for boats, without leaning over the railing. Durable and UV-protected, it works with both mooring fingers, post and bollard.
Tamp holder, for safe and easy mooring. Mr Mooring makes the mooring easy without the need to lean over the railing to grab the mooring lines. Suitable for both Y-boom and post/bollard. Made out of impact resistant and UV-protected HD polyethylene and polycarbonate. Simple assembly on mooring fingers with cable ties (art no. 1781) and post / bollard with screws (art no. 1782). Mr Mooring is made in Sweden and 100% recyclable. Tip! Can be shared with the neighboring boat, since there is room for at least two tampers.
• Works with both the mooring fingers, post and bollard
• Durable and UV protected
• No more lost cellphones while leaning over the railing.

More Information
Model name1780
BrandMr Mooring

How to use

Use the cable ties and wrap them around the mooring finger and the foot of MrMooring. Make sure it sits very tight.
If an accident occurs, for example, a fender gets stuck behind Mr. Mooring when leaving the dock, then the cable ties will break and not the Mr. Mooring stick.

Mr. Mooring will float and will be easy to pick up. Buy new cable ties in your boat store.
Do not use hose clamps since there is a great risk they will hold and break the Mr. Mooring stick.

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